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As a Summoner, it's your sacred duty to uproot the spreading corruption from the depths of the dungeon and release its grasp on the natural world. Your only companions on this journey will be the animals conjured by your own power. Find a ritual focus and use it to bring a benevolent familiar to your side. Together you must overcome the twisted creatures that stand in your way.

  • Using certain items, you can summon up to two AI-controlled companions to help you in battle.
  • With the 'T'ell command, you can give tactical commands to your summoned allies. Over time the speed at which you can give orders will increase.
  • If you combine the 'T'ell and 'L'ook commands you can give contextual commands for allies to attack specific monsters or use an object on a particular space.
  • Progress through many stratums of the dungeon and discover unique floors such as the gnoll village.

Check controls.txt for instructions on how to play the game.


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