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A traditional roguelike about conjuring animals · By Nymlus


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SummonerRL v2.1.2 Released
Another small update is now available, fixing some more issues with the previous version and adding a new Repertoire command to look up your current skills. Her...
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SummonerRL v2.1.1 Released
A smaller update is now available, addressing usability issues with the previous version and fixing a potential crash. There are also some tweaks to familiars a...
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SummonerRL v2.1.0 Released
A major update to SummonerRL is now available, adding powerful boss enemies, new AOE abilities for familiars, a new Raptor familiar, environmental features, adj...
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SummonerRL v2.0.1 Released
A small update that fixes certain issues with the previous version. Make sure to download it for the best experience. Version 2.0.1 -Fixed some errors that woul...
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SummonerRL v2.0.0 Released
Another huge update to SummonerRL is now available, adding a high score system, item affixes, throwing items, altars of chaos, familiar moods, achievements, new...
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SummonerRL v1.2.0 Released
This is a huge update adding campsites, familiar skill trees, Unicorn and Griffin familiars, among many other things. Here is the full changelog: Version...
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