SummonerRL v2.2.0 Released

A major update to SummonerRL is now available, which includes a visual overhaul with new animations and UI improvements, new monster and familiar abilities, new high-level equipment, new spells and many other things. This is also the first update to include an experimental MacOS build! Here is the full changelog:


  • +Added hit feedback animations. The animation length depends on the severity of the hit.
  • +Added health bar animations for gaining or losing life.
  • +Added a summoning animation.
  • +Added a "Stay away" command which makes the familiar avoid the target. They will not engage the target in combat, will flee if they are adjacent to the target, and will not step onto spaces that are adjacent to the target.
  • +Added Lunge spell which launches the caster towards the target tile, dealing damage on contact with an enemy.
  • +Added Time Stop spell which grants additional turns to the caster at an extremely high cooldown.
  • +Added Phase spell which makes two allies trade places with each other and briefly increases DV.
  • +Added skill absorption from fallen allies. When a new summon absorbs strength, they also silently learn skills equal to 50% of those taught to the previous summon.
  • +Added Enter command for fallen allies. Interacting with a fallen ally will not revive them, but it may give the player closure.
  • +Added a second tier of ritual foci that spawn in deeper levels. Altars can be used to upgrade a focus for an additional cost.
  • +Added a second tier of potions and flasks that spawn in deeper levels. Potions and flasks of healing now heal a set amount instead of being percentage based.
  • =Regeneration stat growth has been buffed from 5 to 8.
  • =Minor Heal and Major Heal spawn rate increased further. Minor Heal's cooldown has been nerfed and Major Heal's cooldown has been buffed.
  • =Familiars should now prefer using their special abilities over finding enemies to attack, even while commanded to "move" or "stay".
  • =Monsters that were generated out of depth now display a warning text when looked at.
  • =Adjustments were made to the RNG to hopefully eliminate any seed-scrambling errors when playing the game using a fixed seed.
  • =Tiles adjacent to altars are demolished in the same way as those around lairs.
  • =Instead of being destroyed, equipment that fails to vary on an altar is instead replaced by another random piece of equipment.
  • =Added a message when trying to cast a spell that has been disabled by a corruption.
  • =Added a message when walking over or examining the corpses of companions.
  • =Change the text color for supercharged spells.
  • =Change the text color for spells that have been disabled as a result of corruptions.
  • =Display the chapters that a readable item contains when examining it.
  • =Describe a herb's type when walking over it.
  • =Renamed "Cost Reduction" item attribute to "Time Reduction" to clarify its purpose.
  • =Hostile messages in the top panel now have a slight indentation.
  • =Messages that have appeared since your last turn will be highlighted in the top panel.
  • =The first time that the player meets the conditions for creating a campfire, they will be given a hint to do so.
  • =Spelunker achievements were replaced with new achievements for reaching each of the biomes.
  • =Intercept messages are now displayed before the attacker is healed or damaged via leeching.
  • =Changed newlines and filepaths in the code to be universal instead of Windows-style, making it easier to compile the game for another OS.
  • -Fixed "spell not ready" text not being shown as a popup while in look mode.
  • -Fixed a crash that could occur when drawing symbols underneath other objects.
  • -Fixed a bug that caused ground symbols to be drawn on walls.
  • -Fixed death messages sometimes being printed when the player has already died.
  • -Fixed various memory leaks.



  • Mossy Stone and Sandstone floors swapped, resulting in also swapping and rebalancing many of the monsters found therein.
  • Many new types of equipment up to floor 25 added.


  • Displacer Beasts now have a distance teleport-swap
  • Spiders can now shot web
  • Wolves can move around your party
  • Lynx can pounce properly
  • Boars will charge - to compensate, they are now slower, with a reduced aggro range
  • (Polluted) Dryads, Bears, Rocs can now push their opponents
  • Winged Serpent now pushes / retreats with certain attacks
  • Thunderbug Swarms now behave very differently
  • Salamander's fire breath can start fires on the ground
  • Blasting Scorpion's blast attack causes them to recoil
  • Stone Croc, Scaly Gigas, Pitch Wurm are immovable (they cannot be forced to move by any game effect)
  • Opal Scarab, Flame Shard, Volcanic Mold, and Whipdog now have thorns
  • Ancestral Warg, and Mindflayer now have mana thorns
  • Tesem and Molossus now have correct (lack of) blood and kill message


  • Final boss now more intelligent, leading to a more interesting fight


  • Familiars now start with varying stats, differentiating familiars of the same species from each other even on summon
  • Many new intercept abilities added, giving each familiar their own ways of responding when attacking
  • Wolf: New abilities, Mist, Snap Back, Ice Spears added
  • Wolf: Snow Flurry reworked, Ice Shards branch added.
  • Snake: New abilities, Wary Motion, Flicker, Liquid Strike, and Venom Burst added
  • Snake's ranged attacks should activate more frequently
  • Unicorn: New abilities, Retribution, Fear and Wish added
  • Unicorn: New branch of Nurse, Purge added
  • Unicorn: New branch of Holy Barrier, Holy Intervention added
  • Unicorn: New secret ability added
  • Dragon: New ability, Block added
  • Dragon: New branch of Fire Aura, Incinerate added
  • Dragon's Wide Slash is now a bit more powerful
  • Griffin: New abilities, Charge Aura, Force Battery, and Fierce Wind (plus Gusting and Wind Blade branches) added
  • Hart: New abilities, Bypass, and Horn Leech (plus Horn Drain branch) added
  • Hart: Counter and Parry now intercept abilities, some adjustments
  • Hart's Fencing has been standardized behind the scenes
  • Raptor: New abilities, Dancing Strikes, Evade added
  • Reworked Raptor's Moods to make him less violent and more mischievous
  • Some Raptor Abilities renamed to fit with new theme
  • Lunge (Hart) and Pounce (Griffin) changed to be charging abilities
  • Fixed Color(r,g,b) issue for Mist and Searing Ash


  • Thematic text log colors added for each biome
  • Forgotten graveyard removed

Terrain features:

  • Thin mist, Mist, and Thick mist added
  • Ice Shards added
  • Ice Spears added
  • Fire added
  • Spiderwebs added
  • Coursing Electricity added

Readable objects:

  • Phase text added
  • Time Stop text added
  • Lunge text added


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