SummonerRL v2.1.1 Released

A smaller update is now available, addressing usability issues with the previous version and fixing a potential crash. There are also some tweaks to familiars and a new gameplay mode which generates the dungeon based on a weekly seed. Here is the full changelog:

Version 2.1.1

  • +The dungeon is now generated from a seed which is set when the game begins. Holding CTRL while starting the game will set the seed to a specific value based on the current week, rolling over each Friday. Challenge your friends!
  • +Projectiles and AOE attacks can now generate environmental features on spaces that are either passed through or hit.
  • +Added autosave which is on by default but can be toggled in the settings. While enabled, the game is automatically saved after each floor.
  • +Unicorn's Repulse ability now has an additional branch and upgrade.
  • +Raptor's Camouflage ability can now be upgraded.
  • +Hart's Pure Nectar ability has new functionality.
  • =Familiars have been rebalanced.
  • =Colors have been adjusted to reduce the contrast in every part of the UI that contains text.
  • =The mossy biome has been adjusted to have a more natural and unique appearance.
  • =Several new floor events have been added.
  • =Adjusted the warning message shown if a player abandons a campsite; "campsite actions" are instead referred to as "ally interactions".
  • =Adjusted the delay of the victory animation, beginning at a rapid pace and gradually slowing down as it expands.
  • =If the game crashes, the current seed is included in the error log.
  • -Fixed a crash that could occur if a monster died as a result of triggering an environmental feature effect.
  • -Fixed a crash that occurred when closing the game window while looking at the contents of a container.
  • -Fixed an error that caused the width of the equipment menu to be set based on the contents of the inventory rather than the player's equipment.
  • -Fixed incorrect attributes of certain item types; higher-level daggers should attack more quickly and the amulet of barriers now correctly increases PV.


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Mar 01, 2020

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