SummonerRL v2.1.0 Released

A major update to SummonerRL is now available, adding powerful boss enemies, new AOE abilities for familiars, a new Raptor familiar, environmental features, adjustable controls and font size, multiple new spells and many other things. Here is the full changelog:

Version 2.1.0

  • +Added bosses. These enemies hide in lairs on some floors of the dungeon and will only leave their lair if the player causes enough of a disturbance on that floor. Each boss is a named variant of an existing creature type and typically have much higher attributes than a regular creature. They are capable of using the same skill types that familiars use and they may also have minions of their own. Both the boss and their minions must be defeated to clear that floor.
  • +The final boss also uses the above system, granting him new abilities and minions to aid him in combat.
  • +Added AOE abilities for AI-controlled creatures including both familiars and bosses. A creature will consider each possible direction they could attack with the ability, and try to hit as many enemies as possible while avoiding friendly fire (or vice versa for abilities that have a beneficial effect).
  • +Added environmental features. These objects add life to the dungeon, such as bushes and leaves in the forest areas, and can have various (often minor) gameplay effects, such as blocking sight, dealing damage or modifying attributes of creatures standing on the space.
  • +Added a settings menu where players can change the font size and the controls used by the game. Changing the font size requires a restart.
  • +Added the Raptor familiar, a colorful theropod capable of cursing enemies.
  • +Added a new ability type which refreshes the cooldown or ammunition of other abilities.
  • +Added a blank tome which the player can use to create a copy of a spell they already have memorized.
  • +Added leech and mana-leech attributes to abilities, and two new spells that use these attributes: Life Drain and Mana Drain.
  • +Added thorns and mana thorns. These attributes function as negative leech values applied to enemies targeting a creature with melee attacks. Added a Thorns spell which applies a temporary thorns buff to the target, and a potion of retaliation which grants a thorns buff for a longer duration.
  • +Added Sanguine Mark spell which marks the target, reducing their DV and causing other creatures to leech health when attacking the target.
  • +Added Fog spell which briefly distracts enemies, causing them to lose track of the player and making it easy to escape.
  • +Added camouflage attribute, which effectively acts as a negative sight value for enemies trying to detect the player.
  • =The selection of abilities available to each familiar is now partially randomized.
  • =Berserk, Shield and Blind spells now scale with the depth in which they are used.
  • =Haste has been significantly buffed both in effect and cooldown time.
  • =Magic Ray can now inflict critical hits.
  • =Immolation damage has been reduced from 175% to 150%.
  • =Magic Dart cooldown increased from 10 to 12 turns.
  • =Potions and flasks of speed now have a longer effect duration. Flask of speed charges increased from 2 to 3.
  • =Blind now momentarily reduces the sight attribute of the target in addition to their accuracy, allowing the spell to be used as a means of escape.
  • =Added alternate keybinds for in-game menus - 6, 7 and 8 to access the message log, stats and achievements, respectively.
  • =Players will now be warned if they attempt to leave a campsite without having used all of their campsite actions.
  • =Default to targeting a companion when throwing a beneficial item such as a healing potion.
  • =Players now travel between forest areas using portals instead of stairs. Immersion!
  • =Abilities that only work on sighted targets now use the modified sight value instead of the base sight of the target to determine if they are sighted.
  • =Various optimizations of how the game iterates through lists of objects to improve performance, particularly when generating a level.
  • =Significant refactoring of code structure to prepare the game for an eventual rework of its graphics engine.
  • -Fixed an issue where a player could swap position onto a chasm space.
  • -Fixed an issue where a player's modified sight value could overflow and become unlimited if it dropped to less than 1.
  • -Fixed an issue where players could see buffs fading on creatures that aren't visible.
  • -Fixed an issue where a player sometimes couldn't equip a two-handed weapon even if they had enough inventory space for multiple items.
  • -Fixed an issue where sometimes the screen wouldn't render properly during the player's turn.


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Sep 23, 2019

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