SummonerRL v2.1.2 Released

Another small update is now available, fixing some more issues with the previous version and adding a new Repertoire command to look up your current skills. Here is the full changelog:

  • +Added a Repertoire command (R) that displays all currently known spells and abilities.
  • =As a consequence of the new Repertoire command, the Rest button has been changed to W(ait).
  • =Altars of chaos now spawn according to a weighted distribution approximately once per 5 floors.
  • =Tornado and Hurricane abilities have been greatly improved.
  • =Meditate base energy cost buffed from 150% to 125%.
  • =Certain advanced spells can now be found earlier than before. Visions and Third Eye can spawn as early as floor 3, while Dash and Dig can be found starting on floor 4.
  • =Tips for possible contextual commands are now displayed while in look mode.
  • -Fixed a crash that could occur when descending to a new floor while enemies were still alive.
  • -Fixed an error that could cause the dungeon seed to become scrambled depending on how many familiars were present.
  • -Fixed an issue where certain familiar abilities were being used too frequently.
  • -Fixed an issue where the Visions spell would unintentionally reveal monster lairs.


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Mar 27, 2020

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