SummonerRL v2.0.0 Released

Another huge update to SummonerRL is now available, adding a high score system, item affixes, throwing items, altars of chaos, familiar moods, achievements, new spells and many other things, including a proper ending to the game. Here is the full changelog:

Version 2.0.0

  • +Added Hart familiar.
  • +Many new monsters, abilities, and items have been added, as well as balance adjustments to existing content.
  • +Added a score calculation system and high score table. Points are given for progressing deeper into the dungeon. Points are subtracted for spending time in the dungeon or allowing your familiars to die.
  • +The high score table honors both the Summoner and her companions, and also describes the cause of death.
  • +Familiars now have moods based on how they feel about the current situation. This can alter their behavior or effectiveness in battle in various ways.
  • +When summoned, a familiar can absorb some of the strength from a fallen ally.
  • +Weapons and armor may now have affixes that change the attributes of the item in unusual ways.
  • +Items can be thrown with the T key. Throwing a potion will apply its effects to the target. The Tell command has been moved to the F/O keys.
  • +Players will now learn the true name of their familiars if a focus is used on them when they have a high affinity.
  • +Monsters have new wandering behavior. Some monsters will patrol the current floor in order to locate and engage threats.
  • +Monsters have new ranged behavior. Some monsters may try to disengage from melee range while fighting the player.
  • +Pools are now called altars of chaos and can be used to alter items from the player's inventory in many different ways.
  • +Added corruption speed as a possible item attribute.
  • +Items can now stack in the player's inventory based on their type.
  • +Controls can now be accessed while playing the game by pressing the H key.
  • +Errors are logged in an error.log file for easier bug reporting.
  • +Added new spells: Magic Ray, Immolation, Visions, Third Eye
  • +Added potion of poison, potion of negation, potion of sight
  • +Added an achievement system which persists between sessions and can be accessed by pressing the * key.
  • +Added a Rest command ("R") which causes the player to do nothing for 100 turns or until something noteworthy happens (they are fully healed, take damage, or see a monster)
  • +Added Flee and Explore commands to familiars. You must train your familiars to understand these commands.
  • +Added readable items. Players can read these items after setting up a campsite and taking a comfortable seat.
  • +Added a proper ending to the game as well as post-game scoring opportunities for the courageous players.
  • =Weapons now have attack verbs. When unarmed, the Summoner will punch foes.
  • =Players are not healed or refreshed if they descend while there are still monsters present.
  • =All buffs and debuffs expire when the player descends.
  • =Equipping an item now takes longer than simply using it. Heavier items will take even longer to equip.
  • =The Dig spell now has an exact range of 8 regardless of the cursor position.
  • =Pressing Enter while targeting a spell now confirms the spellcast instead of displaying target info.
  • =Healing spells are slightly more common than other types of spells.
  • =Some types of spells can now only generate at depths 5 or more. These are mainly situational or support spells which are not too useful for an apprentice summoner.
  • =The inventory can be examined even when the player is dead.
  • =Herb descriptions adjusted to decrease their perceived value. They are also now simply shown as "Herbs" when they haven't been picked.
  • =Doubled the loss of affinity from friendly fire.
  • =Familiars gain the HP bonus from a completed floor even if they are summoned after all monsters have been defeated.
  • =When spawning objects, the game will try to avoid placing them in unreachable spaces.
  • =A familiar's actual name is now used in the description of their abilities.
  • =Visible creatures are sorted by distance, with the closest monster selected first.
  • =The inventory names of equipment is made more compact in order to fit longer names (due to affixes). The inventory menu width now expands automatically.
  • =The Fear spell now uses more primitive fleeing behavior in order to improve performance.
  • =The player now starts with a one-handed weapon, making it easier to equip offhand items.
  • -Fixed berries spawning on top of other objects.
  • -Fixed an issue where creatures would continue to take turns when the player is dead.
  • -Fixed rendering issues when AOE/projectile attacks were used on walls or outside map boundaries.
  • -Fixed certain familiar messages being displayed even if the player could not see the familiar.
  • -Fixed certain messages not showing if the player swapped positions with a familiar.
  • -Fixed a line-of-sight bug that occurred when familiars were swapped or otherwise rearranged.


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Sep 25, 2018

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